We move hotel units, and apartment buildings. Investors have seen these buildings in the path of progress and decided to save them from destruction and move them to new sites where they have seen their vision and investments reap profitable rewards.

Swisher Field Project - Summer 2005 - Aberdeen SD

This 6000 capacity steel constructed bleacher unit including a press box constructed of wood on top of a concrete slab supported by steel legs 30' in the air was moved from Swisher Field in Aberdeen SD to a new school on the South side of Aberdeen.  Today the local University and the high school share the field.

The bleachers were cut in to 8 sections, up to 50' wide and 90' long.  The bleachers were lowered onto steel framework to allow us to move the sections without interfering with overhead utility lines.  The 75 ton press box was lowered to the ground moved to the new site.  Once the seating sections were back in place it was raised with 22' of cribbing.

This project took 40 days to complete with a crew of 4-12 men working on the project.

It was a unique project using a lot of the same techniques that we use for a house move.